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17 Apr 14
How Equinix Is Productizing Flash Trading Computing Architecture

In his new book, Flash Boys, Michael Lewis directs his gleeful analytic spotlight on flash tradin...

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04 Mar 14
Newedge Implements Ullink's Post-Trade Monitoring Solution on Electronic Trading Platform in Asia-Pacific

Ullink, a global provider of market leading connectivity and trading solutions, today announce...

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27 Mar 14
A New Approach to Real-Time Big Data Analytics in a Telecom Environment

This Industry Viewpoint was authored by Dan Joe Barry, president of marketing,

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12 Oct 11
How to measure “market quality” as trading patterns change
A working definition of “market quality” might be “the prospects for a market participant to s...
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29 Mar 13
Equinix Plans Third Singapore Data Center
Equinix has announced that it will partner with Mapletree Industrial Trust to build its third Intern...
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20 Mar 14
Multifractal Random Walks With Fractional Brownian Motion via Malliavin Calculus
We introduce a Multifractal Random Walk (MRW) defined as a stochastic integral of an infinitely divisible noise with respect to a dependent fractional Brownian motion. Using the techniques of the Malliavin calculus, we study the existence of this object and its properties. We then propose a continuous time model for financial modeling that captures the main properties observed in the empirical data, including the leverage effect. We illustrate our result by numerical simulations.
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20 Feb 14
The Future of Finance
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13 Aug 13
Load 1TB in less than 1 hour
This project was done using SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition (with SP1 beta) using the BULK INSERT command with 60 parallel input files, each of approximately 16.67 GB. The best time I got was 50 minutes. Hewlett Packard was kind enough to loan me some time one night on the machine they use to do the TPC-C tests. It is an Itanium2 Superdome with 64 1.6GHZ 9M (Madison) CPUs. For the insert tests the system was equipped with 256GB of RAM. The HP SAN configuration is rated at 14GB per second throughput. You can find the specific configurations at (Note: The configurations at this site may be updated periodically).
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